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Contact Lens Examination



Technological advances over the years has made it easy for almost everyone to enjoy the freedom of contact lenses.

Contacts touch your sensitive ocular tissue. To minimise complications, lenses much be:

  • fitted and prescribed accurately
  • handled and worn appropriately
  • maintained (cleaned and disposed of) as instructed

Initial Appointment
Assessment of your eye health, vision and measurement of your prescription.

Fitting (sometimes at the same time as the intial exam)
Our optometrists will ask questions about your lifestyle to ensure that you are getting a contact lens that provides clarity, comfort and optimal corneal health. We the select the most suitable contact lens type for your needs and assess the way the lenses fit on your eye.

Training in insertion and removal of lenses, giving advice on care and cleaning of lenses.

After Care
Assessment of the performance of the lenses, the response of your eyes to the lenses and addressing any issues that may arise. Aftercare appointments should be conducted every twelve months to ensure ongoing health of your eyes and suitability for contact lenses.

We are always happy to help if you do have any issues. Call if you have any concerns and we will advise you on the best course of action.

Medicare bulk billing may apply for high prescriptions. If you do not qualify for Medicare bulk billing, private consultation fee may apply.