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Laser Surgery


Laser Surgery

At Harris, Blake & Parsons we are an accredited referral practice for Laser Sight Centres and our optometrists can provide you with professional advice and information about laser eyesight correction.

Harris Blake & Parsons can;

  • explain the benefits and risks
  • assess your suitability and the best treatment method
  • arrange referral to an appropriate surgeon
  • carry out pre-operative examinations at our practice
  • most post operative care can also be done locally at our practice

How does it work?
The excimer laser used in laser vision correction causes the cells of the cornea to be "excited". They then break apart and essentially vaporise. In this way the cornea is reshaped to allow for your spectacle or contact lens prescription.

What are the types of laser vision correction?
The two main types of laser vision correction are LASIK and PRK. Both use the same laser, however the way the eye is prepared for the laser differs. In LASIK a flap of corneal tissue is folded away before the laser beam is applied. In PRK only the surface layer of the cornea is removed before the laser beam is applied. A new modified technique, LASEK has recently been developed where the surface layer (epithelium) of the cornea is gently separated and pushed aside prior to the laser beam being applied, it is then placed back into position.

If you would like to know more please make an appointment with one of our optometrists.