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Provision Contact Lenses


Provision Contact Lenses

Exclusive to Provision Optometrists


Probalance Monthly Flexible Wear Contact Lenses

Made from the revolutionary silicone hydrogel material, Probalance lenses allow more oxygen to flow through to your cornea, ensuring optimal corneal health.

Probalance contact lenses are 30% softer than other monthly lenses and have excellent wettability.

Probalance lenses are approved for up to 29 days of extended wear*. Also avaliable in toric lenses for astigmatism.

*CE Marked under the Medical Device Directive for occasional overnight or up to 29 nights continuous wear under the guidance of your eye care practitioner.

Key benefits:

  • High oxygen
  • Healthy
  • Hassle free - can be worn overnight or continuously up to 30 days and ┬ánights
  • Soft and very comfortable to wear
  • Clear, stable vision
  • Simple to maintain

ProView Plus Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

A premium daily disposable lens designed to alleviate the symptoms of tired and dry eyes.

This is the only contact lens material that has FDA approval for improving discomfort or dryness during contact lens wear.

Key benefits:

  • Comfortable to wear even on the longest day
  • Healthiest option for your eyes as they are replaced daily
  • Maximum convenience as no cleaning is required
  • May alleviate symptoms of dryness related to contact lens wear