The Rodenstock DNEye® Scanner

The Rodenstock DNEye® Scanner

We are proud to house one of only a handful of Rodenstock DNEye® scanners in Australia. This revolutionary eyesight test measures the anatomy of your eye and transfers more than 7,000 measurement points to create a lens customised entirely to you. The result is a unique lens that allows you to see better than ever before. 

The unparalleled vision offered in a Rodenstock custom lens includes:

  • The sharpest contrast vision
  • The best night vision, keeping you safe on the roads or when you’re out and about after dark
  • The largest fields of vision which delivers the greatest range of natural vision
  • The most colourful vision
  • Comfortable vision

Lenses are available as both single vision lenses and progressive lenses.

To find out more about this revolutionary technology and how it can give you the sharpest vision, get in touch or book an appointment now.

Additionally, our practice utilises other state-of-the-art equipment designed to detect any conditions as early as possible and make the most accurate assessment of your vision.

This technology includes:

  • Retinal camera for routine imaging of your retina
  • Optical Coherence Tomographer to provide a laser scan of your posterior and anterior orbital tissues
  • Corneal topographer which provides a 3D map of your front corneal surface
  • Visual field to assess your peripheral vision. If you need a VicRoads binocular driving test, this machine allows us to get that done for you
  • Automatic phoropter which takes an efficient and accurate measurement of spectacle prescriptions so we can issue you with the best possible eyewear for you
  • Lens tracer to provide a 3D measurement of your spectacle frames to order highly accurate lenses from our lens manufacturers
  • Rodenstock Impression Measurement Tower System which gives us an accurate measurement of your facial features and the frame you have selected to ensure the most perfect and comfortable fit

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