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A good pair of glasses is about more than just the frames. Choosing the right lenses is essential for optimal vision. With so many things to consider, our team of expert optical assistants can help you make the right decision. Plus, thanks to our state-of-the-art Rodenstock DNEye technology, we’re able to give you the most precise and accurate lenses based on your unique needs. This means clearer vision like never before. Read more about it here.

We offer both single vision lenses and multifocal lenses. Single vision lenses are specifically designed to suit one distance, enhancing your vision whether you are short or longsighted. 

Meanwhile, multifocal lenses are ideal if you need glasses to see both far and near distances. The power in the lenses gradually changes to give you clear vision no matter what you’re looking at. These lenses mean clearer vision and stable image perception as well as natural vision in all directions. It also means you won’t need to turn your head as much and your lenses can be customised completely to you.

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