Mask Foggy Lenses

How to stop your glasses from fogging while wearing face masks

We hope that you and your loved ones are healthy and safe. As Melbournians and Victorians have become used to wearing face masks, we are hearing of increasing issues related to spectacle lenses and sunglasses fogging up while wearing face masks.

This week, we had two example of patients struggling to wear their glasses and face masks. One patient had broken her glasses because she had put them in her pocket while out walking as they were fogging up and inadvertently broke them. Another patient wanted to ask about laser eye correction surgery and when questioned as to his motivation, it was because his glasses were fogging up while wearing his face mask.

Face masks are likely to be part of the health measures against COVID-19 for some months and we would like to give you some tips about how to stop glasses from fogging up while wearing face masks.

Here are some options to minimse or avoid lens fogging while wearing face masks:

  • Wear spectacles with an anti-fog lens coating either inbuilt or applied onto the lens
  • Wear contact lenses, taking into consideration the need for careful contact lens hygiene
  • Wear a mask with a bendable nose bridge such as found in disposable surgical masks, to prevent warm air from escaping through the top of the mask
  • Pull the mask up higher on the nose, then use spectacles to seal it and shape it to the face.
  • Use surgical tape to seal the gap at the top of the mask across the nose and cheeks

We have just received into store anti fog products for spectacle lenses and they are in stock right now:

No Fog 60 Spray

Centrostyle ‘No Fog 60’ $19.95 for 60ml Made in Italy

How to use: Spray from a distance of 10cm and wipe with microfibre cloth without completely drying. Pro: Large 60ml bottle giving numerous applications. Con: Need to use a separate microfibre cloth to wipe fluid off after spraying to leave a thin coating behind.

Nano Magic Anti Fog Safety Kit

Nano Magic ‘Anti fog safety kit’ $20 5ml Made in USA

How to use: Gently shake the solution, apply a drop to each lens, spread evenly and buff gently with microfibre cloth provided. Pro: Anti-fog drops and microfibre cloth are both included in the kit. Con: 5ml bottle of anti-fog drops seems small, but lasts up to 100 uses according to packaging.

No Fog Cloth

Centrostyle ‘No fog Cloth’ $19.95 each Made in Korea

How to use: Clean your lenses with normal lens spray cleaner and dry with microfibre cloth first then rub lenses on both sides 8-10 times with the No Fog Cloth. Pro: Most convenient form as there are no liquids involved. Simply rub the cloth straight onto clean lenses. 200 applications from the one cloth.  Con: Must keep No Fog Cloth clean and dry inside the plastic zipper bag provided.

Our anti fog products are available for purchase in store at both Eastland and Croydon practices, via Eastland Order and Collect service, via post Australia wide or home delivery in the local area. Grabs yours today while they are in stock.

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